Atlantic (EP)

by Theatre

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The album was written over a period of one year and features our earliest material as a band.

Atlantic was recorded at Considerthis Studios in Somerset West over a period of two months. Album tracking was done over weekend sessions in between playing shows and tours.

The record was later mastered by Dean Bailey at Cloud Studios in Plumstead, Cape Town.

The album artwork was designed by our good friend Schalk Venter and casings were cut and screen-printed by hand by the band members themselves. Two-hundred copies were printed overall.

FFO: The Chariot, Norma Jean, As Cities Burn and mewithoutYou.

Thanks for listening.

~ Theatre.


released December 10, 2010

All songs written & performed by Theatre

except Track 1, “This Is Not A Rumour” contains a sample
of “That Glory Bound Train” performed by Pat Boone
and the First Nashville Jesus Band.

Track 6, “Interuption” co-written with Deon van Zyl.

Theatre is:
JJ :: Vocals
Duke :: Guitars
Byron :: Guitars
Jay-Dee :: Bass Guitar
Tarquin :: Drums/Percussion

Production and mixing :: Deon van Zyl of Considerthis
Studios (

Mastering :: Dean Bailey of Cloud Studios

Album artwork design :: Schalk Venter



all rights reserved


Theatre Cape Town, South Africa

Theatre was an experimental chaotic hardcore outfit formed in South Africa, in mid-2008, after the expiration of its member’s previous bands. They bring genre-smashing music to the foreground that is both unique in construction and chaotic in design.

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Track Name: This Is Not A Rumour
Track Name: First Flaws In The Master Plan

Mechanical town, the robots a' snare.
Mayhem has begun, the system must shut down.
Time sets the pace of this march -
This line cannot be undone.
Resist the numbers!
Destroy the machine - numerical morphine.
Take cover, it's a clock bomb!
System shut down, revive!
Mediator we need you;
Mediator we need you now!
Redeeming pair of old fashioned lungs.
Now be told, the time has come.
A scene into forever -
A mechanical unwinding.

(There can be no understanding between the
hands and the brain unless the heart acts as mediator)
Track Name: Swords
:: SWORDS ::

The dead man made a plan -
Maps of capillaries -
Building a soldier of righteousness.
Candles can't light the way;
Be bright, be bright.
The east is in flood!
Spread the news, light the fuse;
Conquer, conquer!
This is madness!
This romance divine.
Oh peasant man, you take and you take and you take.
The whole earth shakes
And still we stand and watch as words drip
Like passengers from sinking ships.
Take my golden crown!
Kingdom to the King!
Breach the line, move the stone!
Oh, Judge, I am guilty.
Track Name: The Seeing Room

Take down the banner,
So my eyes don't find the catch of this sting.
I don't want to pay with my limbs.
Oh, beautiful dream, satisfy my mind -
Clear the room so I may see
The things I did not create.
Divide our tongues!
Captivate, oh, sweet celebration!
Romantic wings of peace
That aided the man of the ark to the peaks.
Prints under my feet walk the narrow road,
Find room to hide before the sun fetches the sand
And the numbers become so few.
Power to the mighty man, not the committee.
You are welcome here.
Track Name: Then Came Sailing

The cannon's failed -
We lost our grip on ropes that keep us afloat.
Drop the anchor, so we can raise our hands
And not the flag of mercy.
Man overboard - taken by the bait.
Shoot at will, kill the beast!
Oh Lord; this ocean so great.
Oh Lord; the men so afraid.
Oh Lord; we accept You as the wind in our sails.
Oh Lord; You are my baptist.
Oh Lord; You are my captain.
Remove the hook.
We carry on to the great sea.
Steer the ship - our treasure lies not here.
Fill the ship.
Fill the ship my God...
Track Name: Interruption
Track Name: A Flood Came Tearing

How I hated discipline.
Teeth sharper than knives.
The scent of a snake.
Backbone avalanche -
Catastrophe! Drown the hounds!
Consume me mighty whale; I am yours.
Teacher, teach me about water and miracles.
Open my lungs for a flood to enter
And tear away the world.
The river bed is dry - refresh my thirst of blood.
Take your money thief.
This is not a rumour: two thousand years.
To the top champion!
And the waves crash down.
Track Name: Atlantic